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Sylviana (formerly known as Ragazza) is a beautiful CRN yacht of Italian design. She was originally built by CRN Shipyard in 1974.

After 37 years of active service, a Turkish owner decided to purchase her and undertake a major refit. An agreement was made with renowned Dutch designer Guido de Groot to give her a new look.

In the beginning of 2016, Tufan and Brothers signed a contract with the new owner to act as the project manager for Sylviana's refit.

As part of the refit, she will be extended to 40 meters by adding 5 meters to her length, along with a complete transformation of her exterior style. All the engine room equipment, including the main engines, will be replaced. The propulsion system will be revised with new equipment, turning her into a long-range cruising yacht for the owner's planned world tour.

All interior areas will be replaced, and the yacht will undergo painting work to meet superyacht standards.

We are honored to be managing this refit project


40 m


6.7 m


2.8 m


Steel & Aluminium



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